Introducing MONITOR a specialised, user friendly online solution for long run data tracking across your industry
Why Monitor?
Unlike existing survey applications Monitor collects ongoing data from business databases at periodic intervals (monthly, quarterly or annually) through a user friendly online portal. Monitor is unique in that it allows not only the survey administrator to track trends over time, but also allows the survey respondents to track their own performance over time against wider industry trends.
The Monitor Experience
Prepare your survey questions with assistance from Urban Enterprise's expert research team
Determine the frequency at which your surveys will be sent out (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly)
The Monitor email tool automatically distributes surveys to your respondents each survey period
Manage survey timeframes using the admin portal - open, close or suspend surveys as required
Watch and manage survey response rates in real time using the Monitor admin portal
Use the email tool to quickly send reminder emails to all users who have not responded to a survey
View survey results in real time as soon as they become available
Monitor interpolates missing data from individual users ensuring consistent data sets across each period
Generate trend data over time
Receive automatically generated periodic summary reports that can be printed or emailed to users
Tailored to your industry
Each Monitor product has been designed specifically with an industry sector in mind, meaning that the experience for both survey administrators and survey respondents is targeted and highly effective. Each survey can be customised to suit your needs and Urban Enterprise's experienced research team will help you get the information you need most.
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