The Client Relationship Management System designed specifically for Economic Development Units

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Dynamic Business & Contact Directory
Record and update business details, contacts, and property locations through one easy to manage interface.

Everything in One Place
Keep all of your contacts and email addresses in one place. No need for multiple spreadsheets or the information loss risks associated with losing an important staff member.

Categorise Easily
Monitor CRMS provides multiple tools for categorising businesses, including tags, engagement lists, notes and more. Quickly add search results to a list, tag group or categorisation with a click.

Full Edit History
All directory changes are tracked by individual users. Understand changes over time, flag data requiring review and roll back any unwanted revisions with a click.

Geocode and Map
Geocode a business address instantly and view businesses spatially through our GIS map interface.

ABR Import
The CRMS ABR import process creates a ready made list of businesses, contacts and geocoded addresses which can be combined with existing business and contact databases.

Fully Customisable
Choose and customise specific data fields required for your local government area or use an off the shelf template already tested to meet the needs of multiple LGA’s.


Create and Manage Events
Create, promote and record event invitations and attendees. Use the quick engage feature to record contact made with a specific business or contact.

Mail Outs and Campaigns
Use the CRMS email tool and templates to create mailouts for your events or send notices and updates directly to your community.

Collaborate to Build Email Newsletters
The CRMS newsletter tool allows staff to collaboratively contirbute articles, design and publish email newsletters to your contact list. The newsletter tool is an optional extra which comes with an expanded email send capacity.

Eventbrite, MailChimp and Campaign Monitor Integration
Import and export event, email and engagement information from your Eventbrite, MailChimp or Campaign Monitor accounts seamlessly with a few clicks.


Gain a deep understanding of your local business profile and engagement activity instantly with Monitor CRMS’s real time dashboard.

Search and Map
Instantly search business and contact directories using multiple criteria. Apply filters to isolate sub-sectors and view all businesses spatially using our GIS map interface.

Business Analytics
Instantly analyse and compare industries and sectors by size, industry sub sectors, suburbs and precincts. Export reports to excel with the click of a button.

Engagement Reporting
CRMS provides client engagement reporting in line with Economic Development Australia’s proposed performance measures and reporting framework. Track engagement by time period or individual staff user for quick KPI assessments.

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