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Implementing the new ICP system: Urban Enterprise at the forefront

By Paul Shipp Feb 2020

Urban Enterprise is pleased to have assisted the Victorian Planning Authority in achieving Planning Panel endorsement for the introduction of a new ICP for the Donnybrook-Woodstock Precinct, a major urban growth area in Melbourne’s north.

The Panel hearing for GC102 considered the long and complicated process through which the ICP had evolved alongside iterative amendments to ICP legislation. Paul Shipp (Director) provided Expert Evidence which supported the approach to prepare the ICP and clarified matters of interpretation and ambiguity within the new system.

As the second ICP prepared using a new ‘benchmark’ approach to infrastructure costing, Donnybrook Woodstock will be an important example for future ICPs. The Planning Panel’s support for the general approach to the ICP should provide greater certainty for future infrastructure plans in Melbourne’s growth areas. As always, however, planning must be cognisant that a pure ‘benchmark’ approach will not necessarily be suitable for all circumstances and that each growth area requires specific and targeted infrastructure funding analysis.

Urban Enterprise provides expert advice to government and developers based on 30 years of experience and a detailed understanding of the ICP legislation and the principles of development contributions in Victoria, ensuring infrastructure planning outcomes are equitable, practical and compliant.

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