Urban Enterprise Privacy Policy

Urban Enterprise and its employees are bound by the relevant legislation regarding privacy as well as other laws that impose specific obligations in regard to handling personal information that directly or indirectly identifies a person, and dealing with data provided by clients and third parties.

The privacy policy and principles in this document are in accordance with these laws.


Urban Enterprise is committed to protecting the privacy of personal and business information. This Privacy Policy embodies this commitment. The policy supports the need of Urban Enterprise to collect information and the right of individuals and organisations to privacy and confidentiality of data. It ensures that Urban Enterprise can collect data and business information necessary for its services and functions, while recognising the right of individuals and organizations to have their information handled in ways that they would reasonably expect and in ways that protect the privacy of their personal information, business information and data.


Personal information, business information and data is collected and used by Urban Enterprise for the following purposes:

  • to provide services or to carry out consultancy projects relating to the expertise and capabilities of Urban Enterprise;

  • to undertake primary research relating to the expertise and capabilities of Urban Enterprise.

Urban Enterprise seeks to ensure that:

  • the person or organization supplying the information knows why the information is collected and how it will be handled;

  • information is used and disclosed with the consent of the person or organization providing it, unless it is publically available or there is an implied consent to use the information;

  • information or data is stored securely, and destroyed securely.

Urban Enterprise is willing to enter into Deeds of Confidentiality on an “as required” basis, regarding sensitive information or matters of commercial confidentiality that are disclosed to Urban Enterprise in order to carry out its services.


A complaint about information privacy and data confidentiality is an expression of dissatisfaction with the procedures, staff or quality of service of Urban Enterprise, associated with the collection or handling of personal information, business information and data.

Urban Enterprise will be efficient and fair when investigating and responding to information privacy complaints.

All complaints should be directed to Matt Ainsaar, Managing Director.

Urban Enterprise has not received any complaints in regards to breaches of privacy or data confidentiality since it was established in 1989.