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The Ultimate Tool for the Management of Development Contributions Plans.

DevCAP© (Development Contributions Accounting Program) is a holistic, automated program which combines each aspect of administering and implementing development contributions into one simple, user-friendly interface.

Originally designed for Development Contributions Plans (DCPs), DevCAP© can be used to manage a variety of mechanisms used to collect developer contributions. In Victoria these include voluntary agreements and the proposed Standard Levies (Infrastructure Contributions Plans). DevCAP© can be applied to infrastructure charges and similar mechanisms in other States.

DevCAP© automates the otherwise complex calculations required to properly administer development contributions and provides a platform that integrates the various Council processes of strategic planning, statutory planning, capital works and finance.

Through the use of DevCAP©, Councils have been able to minimise financial risks, remove human error and provide certainty and transparency when dealing with developers. In doing so, DevCAP© has helped to ensure that vital public infrastructure is provided to new communities in a timely manner and in accordance with the planning principles which underpin development contributions.


A specialised, user friendly online solution for long run data tracking across your industry.

Monitor© is a specialised, online solution for long-run data tracking across your industry.

Unlike existing survey applications, Monitor© collects ongoing data for business databases at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly or annually) through a user-friendly online portal. Monitor© is unique in that it allows not only the survey administrator to track trends over time, but also allows survey respondents to track their own performance over time against wider industry trends.

A suite of Monitor© programs have been designed with the specific needs of key industry sectors in mind, including MONITOR Business©, MONITOR Events©, MONITOR Accommodation© and MONITOR Custom©. This means that the experience for both survey administrators and survey respondents is targeted and highly effective. Each survey can be customised to suit your needs and Urban Enterprise's experienced research team will help you get the information you need most.

Monitor CRMS

The Client Relationship Management System built for Regional and Local Economic Development