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Strategic Land Use Planning

The study was adopted by Council without any issues raised. I would like to thank you and your team for all the work undertaken. This was one of the easiest projects I have done with a consultant, especially when you consider the level of community consultation undertaken

Wellington Shire Council,
Heyfield Low Density Residential Land Supply Study

A comprehensive and professional piece of evidence

City of Melbourne,
Fishermans Bend Panel Hearing - Expert Evidence

Thanks again for all your work it has been extremely useful for the project and in other Council work.

Moyne Shire Council,
Port Fairy Coastal and Structure Planning - Economic Land Use Analysis

From a consultant perspective, Urban Enterprise were the pioneers for strategic thinking surrounding infrastructure delivery and your models have set the foundations for many strategic plans being delivered across metropolitan growth areas

Whiteman Property and Accounting,

Urban Enterprise provides strategic land use planning services to inform the preparation of master plans, urban design frameworks, structure plans and land use strategies.

Urban Enterprise's understanding of property and development economics ensures that land use recommendations are practical, achievable, and are informed by investment potential.

To ensure that land use planning is about more than just development, Urban Enterprise uses an integrated approach to all strategic planning projects, supported by extensive consultation and research.

Key Projects

The MPA is planning the future role of the Monash National Employment Cluster - one of three clusters identified in Plan Melbourne for employment and residential growth. Urban Enterprise undertook a retail market assessment and a review of the impact of planning controls and policies on the use of the Cluster for employment and supporting commercial uses. The study found that significant additional retail floorspace will be supportable in the cluster, but that planning controls were likely to be restricting retail and employment growth in certain areas. Our recommendations to support future growth and retention of businesses in the area have been used by the MPA to inform the preparation of a Framework Plan for the Cluster.

Urban Enterprise worked in partnership with Planisphere to prepare a strategy to support growth and change in the Central Business District of Ballarat for the next 20-25 years. Urban Enterprise analysed the key economic drivers for the CBD, assessed tourism, commercial and retail floorspace supply and demand and identified opportunities for development within the CBD. The CBD Strategy was adopted by Council and implemented into the Ballarat Planning Scheme through Amendment C152.

Property Economics

We are really pleased with the report and appreciate all that you have put into it, particularly with such short time frames. Thanks for a great result

Maroondah City Council,
Economic Impact of Proposed Ringwood Business Incubator

Urban Enterprise provides advice to State Government, Local Government and developers in relation to development economics, land demand and supply and economic impacts. We are regularly engaged to provide assessments of commercial, retail, residential, industrial and tourism projects and provide analysis based on best practice demand and supply modelling techniques.

Our team of qualified professionals have experience in preparing expert witness statements and presenting at planning panels and tribunals in respect of economic issues associated with planning applications and amendments.

Key Projects

Development feasibility and heritage economic assessment for 348-apartment precinct;

  • Used to inform development scheme, planning permit and heritage approval

  • Facilitated funding for restoration works to heritage buildings

  • Successfully developed, achieving record sales rates for apartments

Urban Enterprise was engaged to prepare an economic assessment of the demolition of the heritage-listed Old Members’ Stand at Flemington Racecourse and replacement with a new, expanded grandstand. The economic assessment was required to address the provisions of Section 73(1)(b) of the Heritage Act, to support the permit application for demolition. This included an assessment of the costs of retaining the old stand, the contribution of the VRC Members to the finances of the VRC and the importance of expanding the member base, and the significance of the Melbourne Cup Carnival to the VRC and the Victorian economy and the need to support the Carnival with state-of-the-art facilities. A permit has been granted for the demolition and the new development.

Urban Enterprise initially undertook a feasibility study into developing land which was surplus to the Golf Club’s requirements, and was then engaged to seek a Joint Venture partner to develop the site. This involved preparing a clear Brief for seeking expressions of interest, procuring bids from prospective JV partners, assessing the bids and advising the Club. Urban Enterprise was then engaged to manage the Joint Venture, which involved executing a JV Agreement and monitoring the performance of the JV. The outcome was a highly successful development with financial returns to the Club that exceeded expectations.

Urban Enterprise is involved in advising Porta Investments in respect of the development and disposal of its site in Fairfield. This has involved assessing the property market and town planning controls and undertaking a financial feasibility assessment of the redevelopment of the site. Urban Enterprise has now been engaged to manage the process of achieving planning approval.

Economic Development

Tonight Council adopted the strategy and expressed its appreciation for your work and that of the economic development team. A great result and suitable acknowledgement of your work and the process for developing the strategy

City of Yarra,
City of Yarra Economic Development and Tourism Strategy

Thank you so much for all your work on this. The Committee are really pleased with it and are looking forward to sharing the findings and recommendations with our members and government stakeholders.

Rural Councils Victoria,
Population Growth in Rural Victoria: Opportunities and Actions

Urban Enterprise has a detailed understanding of the factors affecting regional and local economies and the need to identify competitive advantages that will underpin economic growth.

Our approach to economic development is grounded in research, including economic and demographic assessment, Local, State and Federal policy and extensive consultation with stakeholders, the community and industry sectors.

Our economic development strategies provide clear directions and actions to enable clients to achieve practical outcomes.

Key Projects

The Strategy was prepared for Council’s economic development unit and included a thorough economic analysis and consultation with industry and community. Urban Enterprise prepared a high quality report for Council which was applauded by the Mayor. The strategy acknowledged the role of the knowledge economy, health and education in Yarra and the need for Yarra to support a significant increase in jobs within its employment nodes. The City of Yarra Economic Development Strategy was adopted and is being implemented.

The Tweed Shire Economic Development Strategy was undertaken by Urban Enterprise in 2014 and provided a thorough assessment of of the Tweed economy and industry consultation.

The strategy identified ways for Council to leverage from its competitive advantages including proximity to Gold Coast Airport, Tweed Heads as a major commercial hub and the high quality amenity landscapes to support tourism development.

The strategy was successful in gaining confidence from the business sector in Tweed Shire's economic direction and provided advice to governance and industry engagement.

Although the Kyneton Saleyards has been in continuous operation for over 150 years, structural saleyards industry changes and peri-urban land use pressures are combining to form a challenging environment for Kyneton, requiring the preparation of a strategy to safeguard the facility's future. Urban Enterprise undertook a Strategic Plan, Asset Management Plan, Truck Wash Business Case and Masterplan for the Macedon Ranges Shire, aiming to secure the long term viability of the facility and build the case for government funding to upgrade infrastructure and improve competitiveness, safety and sustainability.

Tourism Planning

The Murray Region Destination Management Plan prepared by Urban Enterprise is often referred to as the Bible

Murray Regional Tourism Board,
Murray Regional Tourism Destination Management Plan

The final version fits the bill and will be of great value to us as we pursue avenues to get these projects off the ground. Thank you again for a great job, we are all very pleased at this end.

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council,
Bay Trail Market and Economic Assessment

Urban Enterprise is the industry leader in strategic tourism planning across Australia. We have unparalleled experience in preparing Destination Management Plans (DMPs) and local/regional tourism strategies. Urban Enterprise also undertakes masterplanning and concept development for tourism projects as well as feasibility studies and business plans.

Urban Enterprise is an industry leader in visitor research and targeted tourism industry research at the local and regional level.

Urban Enterprise has prepared numerous DMPs across Australia, including the pilot project for the Great Ocean Road Region. In addition, we have been providing specialised tourism industry and visitor research services to Local Government and tourism organisations for over a decade, providing insight and understanding of market trends, barriers and opportunities to our clients.

Key Projects

Urban Enterprise was appointed by the Commonwealth to undertake a product gap audit for the Great Ocean Road, which identified potential areas of opportunity for world class Australian tourism development. The project outlines tourism infrastructure and products to cater for forecast and potential visitor numbers over a 20 year period. The project was a pilot study for the Commonwealth, and will provided methodologies for accessing tourism product and infrastructure in Australian landscapes.

The product audit was developed into an extensive Destination Management Plan which became the benchmark for regional tourism planning projects in Victoria. Urban Enterprise has contributed much to the adopted approach for Destination Management Plans through this pilot project.

Tourism Tasmania recently underwent restructuring of its approach to tourism with the creation of four distinct regional tourism organisations. Following this Urban Enterprise undertook the preparation of a Destination Management Plan which provided a blueprint for the future development of tourism in Northern Tasmania. The plan identified the need for the region to leverage from the infrastructure of Launceston including its large accommodations stock and airport, whilst the surrounding areas contributed to attracting visitors through nature based, wine and food tourism.

The Bendigo Region Destination Management Plan provides a blueprint for collaboration of Bendigo and surrounding Councils including Mount Alexander, Central Goldfields and Loddon. The Destination Management Plan was developed through primary research into visitor markets and an analysis of product in the region. The plan identified priorities for investment in the tourism industry to meet market need and attract and grow visitation and yield in the region.

Business Planning

Your assistance on this project was greatly appreciated and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future

Wyndham City Council,
Werribee South Caravan Park Businss Plan

Urban Enterprise has significant experience in the preparation of business plans, feasibility studies and business case assessments for tourism, education, justice, commercial and residential projects.

Many of our assessments have resulted in the attraction of substantial public and private sector funding. Our assessments are underpinned by thorough economic and financial modelling which ensures investment concepts meet the requirements of Government and funding organisations.

Key Projects

Urban Enterprise was initially engaged to prepare a feasibility study for the rail trail between Tallarook and Mansfield. This was subsequently extended to prepare a Concept Plan and Business Plan for the development of the Trail. This work led to the provision of $13 million in grant funding from the State and Federal Governments. The Trail has been constructed and is operating successfully.

Urban Enterprise undertook a study which investigated the benefits of the RACV Cape Shank Resort redevelopment to the Mornington Peninsula Shire economy.

The study also highlighted the broader alignment of the project to the key gaps in Mornington Peninsula tourism infrastructure including quality accommodation in the Southern Peninsula.

The study supported the proposal and subsequently RACV have commenced construction of the $120 million redevelopment.

Urban Enterprise prepared the Department's first Asset Management Strategy in 1998, focusing on the future need for police stations, court houses and collocated SES facilities. Urban Enterprise was subsequently engaged to update the Asset Management Strategy over a number of years. The outcome of this work was the establishment of a rolling program for new and/or refurbished facilities across the State.

Urban Enterprise, in conjunction with Tract Landscape Architects were commissioned by Greater Shepparton City Council to prepare the Victoria Lake Masterplan and Feasibility Study. The project included stakeholder consultation, a detailed market assessment, financial analysis of operations, site analysis, land use opportunities and masterplan to guide the future development of the precinct.

Research & Economic Impact

Urban Enterprise provides a range of quantitative research services which can be tailored to the needs of our clients using either primary or secondary data methods. Our research expertise is tailored to the fields of tourism, economic development and industry.

We are experienced in the development and delivery of internet, mail out, intercept, interview and telephone surveys. We have also developed Monitor©, a suite of software platforms to track the performance of a range of industry sectors.

We provide models for assessing the economic impact of industries and investment projects. Our assessments include modelling to determine the direct and indirect benefits to employment and economic output in specific Local Government Areas and regions.

Key Projects

Urban Enterprise undertake a detailed study into the way visitors travel to and throughout the Mornington Peninsula using a mix of intercept and online survey approaches. The Visitor Journey report provides a detailed understanding of Mornington Peninsula's sub regions and the drivers for dispersal across the region. The report is presented in a highly spatial way with high quality maps and charts demonstrating the unique strengths and barriers for tourism on the Mornington Peninsula.

Destination Gippsland appointed Urban Enterprise to undertake a region wide research program to understand more about the drivers for tourism in the region. Urban Enterprise undertook a number of primary research programs including surveys of visitors, holiday home owners and businesses. The research was developed into a detailed report which also provided an assessment of the economic impact of tourism and estimates of visitation at the local level. The research has been used across Gippsland Councils and Destination Gippsland for planning and decision making in relation to tourism.

Concept Plans and Masterplans

The report has been to Councillors, BHA and RDV with all parties being very happy with the report. Thank you for all of your work on this project. I don`t think we would have been able to achieve the outcomes we have to date if other consultants were running the project

City of Greater Bendigo,
Tourism Master Plan and Business Case

Urban Enterprise has prepared a number of concept plans and master plans for specific sites or precincts. The preparation of our concept plans and master plans is informed by significant research and analysis of market drivers and demand to ensure recommendations are backed by sound evidence and advice.

Key Projects

The King Valley is a burgeoning food and wine tourism region. Urban Enterprise was appointed by the City of Wangaratta to draw together our strengths in planning and tourism in order to develop a masterplan for the King Valley and its five key townships. The masterplan included detailed township plans, urban design guidelines and economic development and tourism initiatives.

Building on work prepared by Urban Enterprise and Planisphere for the Ballarat CBD Structure Plan, Urban Enterprise was commissioned to prepare a concept masterplan for the Mair Street Spine precinct in the Ballarat CBD.

The masterplan provided recommendations relating to opportunities for future development, key intervention areas and strategic development sites in order to promote appropriate urban renewal development of the precinct.

Working with Tract Consultants and local firm SAID, Urban Enterprise was engaged to undertake a tourism market assessment and economic assessment and provide input to the development of a Master Plan for a tourism precinct at Xi Jing Bay in Suzhou Province in China.

Development Contributions

The judges were impressed by the new tools and innovative techniques applied in negotiating the DCP with major stakeholders. The precinct structure plan and development contributions plan provide a best practice model for precinct structure planning in Victoria

Planning Institute of Australia Awards Committee,
Cardinia Road Development Contributions Plan

Urban Enterprise is an industry leader in Victoria in the preparation and review of Development Contributions Plans (DCPs), and other infrastructure funding mechanisms as well as in the administration of development contributions. We have more than 25 years experience in this field and provide advice to State Government, Councils and the private sector.

We have been closely involved in the State review of development contributions in Victoria, and are well placed to provide advice to Local Government on opportunities for infrastructure funding through DCPs, standard levies and other mechanisms.

Urban Enterprise has also developed DevCAP© (Development Contributions Accounting Program). Utilising our extensive experience in this field DevCAP©, was developed to provide a user friendly solution to administer and implement development contributions.

Key Projects

Urban Enterprise has been engaged by the City of Greater Geelong over many years to prepare Development Contributions Plans (DCPs) for urban growth areas, including the four precincts of the Armstrong Creek Growth Area, as well as Jetty Road in Drysdale and the Lara West Growth Area. Urban Enterprise has also provided ongoing strategic advice to Council regarding internal governance and management of DCPs, culminating in the preparation of DCP Guidelines used to manage internal responsibilities, reporting, administration and accounting. Urban Enterprise continues to work with Council to provide advice on ongoing improvements to Council's systems and processes, including the use of Urban Enterprise's DevCAP software for DCP administration.

Urban Enterprise has assisted the Standard Development Contributions Advisory Committee and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning in the introduction of a standard development contributions system in Victoria. Urban Enterprise provided detailed modelling of existing development contribution levies to inform the setting of standard levy rates, using our comprehensive database of Victorian DCPs across both metropolitan and regional settings. Urban Enterprise has also provided advice on the matters to be considered in the implementation of the new system.

Urban Enterprise prepared both the Cardinia Road Precinct and Officer DCPs in close consultation with the Cardinia Shire Council. With a combined requirement for over $300 million in new infrastructure expenditure and spanning multiple charge areas, these DCPs were groundbreaking in several ways including the creation of a greatly improved mechanism for the application of financing costs to a DCP, a system which has been credited with greatly improving the administration process for both council and developers alike. The Cardina Road Precinct DCP was recognised with an award from the Planning Institute of Australia - Victoria Division as ‘providing a best practice approach for future Development Contributions Plans in Victoria’.

Industry Software

In the context of rapid and scattered urban growth, multiple types of infrastructure, long time frames and a myriad of players in the urban development process, DevCAP is a godsend

Planning Institute of Australia Victorian Awards Committee,
DevCAP - Development Contributions Accounting Program

Urban Enterprise is a leader in the development of industry software. We have developed specialised computer programs and models which provide data analysis and management solutions for the property, planning, economic development and tourism sectors.

Software solutions developed by Urban Enterprise include DevCAP© and Monitor©.